Sicoer or Sico is a Polish artist from Krakow who started graffiti writing in 1998. After more than 20 years of experience with graffiti, he is pushing the limits of his hand style and mixing street tags with influences such as classic calligraphy. In his work, he concentrates on basic graffiti forms such as tags and their experimental variations - accompanied by the constant search in this galaxy of different forms of expression. In recent years, calligraffiti has become his main interest. This involves combining classic calligraphy rules and mixing them with graffiti hand styles. It is also about deliberately leaving out effects, such as color gradients and funky picture backgrounds, so that the letter shape and style stand out even more. He uses strong and bold brushstrokes in almost geometric shapes, but always retains the rough, untidy touch of the street and plays with different letter configurations for a purist design language.

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