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Green Bin


Collage, Acrylic paint, Epoxy, in Acrylic box

60 x 60 cm / 23.6 x 23.6 in

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Sold by Pablo Dana
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Green Bin

Collage, Acrylic paint, Epoxy, in Acrylic box

60 x 60 cm / 23.6 x 23.6 in

Signed by Pablo Dana


Pablo Dana

Class of 1967, Pablo was born in a family of art collectors. His late Grandfather owned the renowned Art Gallery in Monte Carlo “La Galerie des Moulins” and pushed numerous friends and artists such as Arman, César, and young talents such as Vigny and many more. His parents, however, were leaning towards archeology while traveling through Central and South America, and, as they moved back to Europe in the late 70s, started discovering Italian contemporary artists.  Pablo's passion for art started very young as a passionate designer of yachts. But only in his late thirties, Pablo started painting using all sorts of techniques such as sand, resins, make-up powders, and mixing them all using glue. His first exhibition was back in 2004 at Galerie Niederhauser in Lausanne where the majority of the lots were sold to collectors around the world. Creating and painting are part of Pablo’s way to “Escape” from every day’s hectic life. Since Lockdown Pablo has been transforming his work into more of a substantially Figurative line. His Collage from magazines, books, and catalogs inspire each piece with a story of its own. Some paintings can count over 600 finely cut images that Pablo then re-arranges in a somehow strict methodology creating a story to follow throughout the artwork. He uses epoxy resins, clear glue, and acrylic to create his tridimensional structures.

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